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About Hunter Canine

Hunter McGowan grew up in Pennsylvania where he rehabilitated foster dogs with his family. Hunter's love for dogs grew when he started his first job at a dog daycare. At this time it peaked his interest in animal behavior. He then began fostering rescue dogs with behavioral problems, training them, and adopting them out.

Hunter's first massive success story started with a little red nosed pit bull named Ty. Ty struggled with kennel and leash reactivity, fear based aggression towards children, and had no manners. Hunter built a strong relationship with Ty and healed his reactivity through the use of positive reinforcement and balanced training principles. Ty has since received a Canine Good Citizen Certification and is training in the sport of Mondio ring, which is comprised of advanced obedience and protection scenarios. Ty has now established an unbreakable bond with his family and is very gentle with children. Ty has proven to be an incredible advocate for his breed.

As a result of Ty's success story, many struggling owners have worked with Hunter Canine LLC to strengthen their relationship with their dog and eliminate behavioral issues.

To reach a wider audience, Hunter Canine, LLC was established to teach owners how to live immensely fulfilling lives with their dogs.

Hunter Canine LLC has successfully helped THOUSDANDS of dogs and dog owners live more harmonious lives together!

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