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Our Services

Consultations (required for all services):

In-Person Consultation
Expedited In-Person Consultation

Live and Train:

4 Week Live and Train (28 Days)
8 Week Live and Train (56 Days)

We offer payment plans on all services with Afterpay!

What's Included?
4-8 weeks of immersive Live and Training
3 Private Lessons with Owner
Go-Home Information so you know how to maintain the training
Lifetime virtual support and access to ongoing training opportunities.


The Hunter Canine Live and Train is a program where your dog is integrated in the trainers home and experiences a personalized and fun-filled retreat where they not only work on improving their skills and behaviors, but they also have fun and get the one-on-one attention they deserve as opposed to being boarded in a kennel with many other dogs. With the Live and Train Program, our trainers spend the time doing the repetitious leg-work for you, and then the new skills your dog has learned are transferred to the Owner via 3 private lessons. Hunter Canine offers lifetime virtual support for all live and train dogs.

Private Lessons:

Tier 1: Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old
Tier 1 is for you if you have a new puppy and you need help with things such as house training, crate training, socialization, and basic obedience.
5 Lesson Package

Tier 2: Dogs > 6 months (Basic Obedience Only)

Tier 2 is for you if you have a dog older than 6 months and you need help with things such as basic commands like sit, down, heel, come, place, etc. This will also cover leash walking. Tier 2 is NOT for dogs with anxiety, reactivity, or aggression.
5 Lesson Package

Tier 3: Dogs > 6 months (Behavior Modification and/or Advanced Obedience)

Tier 3 is for you if you have a dog older than 6 months with anxiety, reactivity, or aggression. Tier 3 also for you if you have a dog you wish to teach advanced obedience, such as competition behaviors or reliable off leash freedom.
5 Lesson Package:
In-Person Lesson Packages include virtual support via the client portal throughout the program and personalized written homework for between lessons.

Day Training

5 Days of Day Training
10 Days of Day Training

Day Training is when your dog is picked up in the morning  and dropped off in the evening. Your dog spends the day with a trainer working on your training goals! 

Promotions and Specials:


For clients with multiple dogs that need training, packages are provided for each dog individually. Each dog will be trained during the lessons. For each additional dog, 10% is deducted from the package price!

Virtual Private Lessons:

3 Lesson Package
5 Lesson Package

About Our Services

Basic Obedience & Manners

Essential Foundations in Training

  • Marker training, relationship building, and establishing a line of clear communication

  • Crate manners (no more barking, whining, or rushing to get out)

  • Food manners (teaching your dog to be polite and wait for their food)

  • Door manners (no more escaping or rushing out the door)

  • Sit and auto sit

  • Down and down/stay

  • Place and duration place (perfect for when guests come over, while cooking, and to teach your dog how to have an "off" switch and be calm)

  • Structured walking (aka: "Heel")

  • Short distance recall (aka: "Come")

  • Go potty on command

  • Focus, attention, and engagement

  • Remove problem behaviors (trash diving, poop eating, counter surfing, digging, chewing, demand barking, etc.)

Behavior Modification

Fix more serious behavioral issues

  • Counter conditioning and desensitization protocols to improve emotional response to triggers

  • Addressing dog and human reactivity and aggression, reactivity to wildlife, etc

  • Confidence building and turning nervous and fearful dogs into confident and happy dogs

  • Higher level of reliable obedience in commands

  • If training for off-leash recall, conditioning to the ecollar and increased proofing in recall at a longer distance

Group Training

Training around dogs, other people, and out in public

  • Teaching your dog how to work with you and engage with you around other dogs and people

  • Proofing previously trained behaviors near distractions

  • Proof your training for the real world.

Advanced Obedience and Sport Foundations

Competition style obedience, tricks, sports, and more for the advanced dog

  • Advanced on-leash and off-leash obedience

  • Focus heeling (dog looks at your eyes)

  • Contact heeling (dog touches you, but may look at environment)

  • Duration down (out of sight)

  • CGC Preparation

  • Tricks (sit pretty, roll over, etc)

  • AKC, Agility, Protection Sports (Mondio Ring and PSA)


Virtual Coaching

Get professional dog training from the comfort of your home!

  • How to safely and properly introduce and use a prong collar or slip collar

  • How to condition an ecollar

  • Train your dog how to walk on a loose leash

  • Help with reactivity

  • How to remove behavior problems

  • ...and more!


Dog/Puppy Selection, Evaluation, and Placement

Find the perfect canine companion for your families lifestyle

  • Consultation: Meet with the trainer to discuss what kind of dog or puppy you are looking for. The trainer can help you determine this if you do not already know. Whether you like to camp, run, relax, do dog sports, the trainer will help you determine what breed or temperament to look for.

  • Breeder or Rescue selection: The trainer will provide you a list of responsible, ethical breeders and/or rescues that have the type of dog you are looking for.

  • Dog medical and behavioral evaluation: The trainer will meet with the breeder/rescue and perform a comprehensive medical and behavioral evaluation of the dog to ensure it is a proper match for you.

  • Integration into the home and jump-start training: The trainer will meet with your family when the dog comes home and assist with facilitating a decompression period for rescue dogs, and foundational exposure and socialization for puppies.

  • Continued training: The dog/puppy matchmaking service includes 3 private lessons to ensure a smooth transition for your new dog or puppy!

Board Your Dog with Hunter Canine!

Your dog will come live with us at our home at Hunter Canine.

  • Currently only offered for current and alumni clients of Hunter Canine

  • All dogs must be crate/kennel trained

  • All dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccinations including Distemper, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and Rabies. Proof of vaccinations is required from your veterinarian. All vaccines MUST have a 14 day period to build immunity in your pet before coming to boarding.

  • Your dog will be cared for as if they are our own! We will feed them, walk them, play with them, socialize them, and continue implementing routine and training throughout their day!

  • Our calm and quiet home is much more comfortable than a kennel or boarding facility.

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