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Hunter Canine is Delaware's Most Effective Reward Based Balanced Dog Training Company!

Schedule Consultation

Your trainer will contact you to schedule a consultation. The trainer will discuss your goals, evaluate your dog, and work with you to create a plan to accomplish your goals

Trainer will offer Personalized Training Program

We offer a plethora of training options - 100% personalized for YOUR family and YOUR dog(s)!

Do your homework and ask questions!

Personalized written homework is provided and you are encouraged to ask your trainer questions!

About Us

Founded in 2019; Hunter Canine, LLC offers personalized dog training programs that focus on owner communication, appropriate socialization and science-based behavioral theory. At Hunter Canine, LLC, our aim is to provide real solutions to the most common challenges that dog owners face. Through proven methodologies and reward based learning, the fully personalized program is built for the success of you and your dog at its forefront. Our training programs consist of Live and Train, Private Lessons, and Group Classes, as well as virtual services.

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